Company Profile

InterOptics LLC is a privately-owned, customer-focused company specializing in designing, engineering, and manufacturing optical metrology instrument systems for a wide variety of applications, including optical component and system manufacturing, high-precision mechanical component manufacturing, quality assurance, and R&D functions, specifically to technology industries that manufacture or use precision surfaces, such as computer disks, optical components, laser mirrors, polished ceramic valves, and bare silicon wafers. The three principals are industry veterans in the optical instrumentation and interferometry field, bringing many decades of combined experience to engineering and manufacturing of state-of-the-art systems and instruments.

The company is comprised of the management team and a group of experienced engineers and technicians, having previously worked together in companies specializing in optical metrology systems. InterOptics' leadership group are respected innovators in the optical and surface metrology field, and over the past 30 years, have led the development of significant interferometric based tools for the optics, semiconductor and computer hard drive industries. InterOptics has introduced its first product, OptoFlat, to the market in 2018, and is actively engaged in production of this instrument system, as well as new development for additional precision metrolgy products.

The company maintains its own 18,000 square foot facility that contains office, lab, engineering, and manufacturing spaces, utilizing a vertically-integrated approach to achieving its goal of providing low-cost, high-value instrumentation to a market typically served by products offered at significantly higher cost.