Company Management Team

InterOptics LLC, is a high-tech measurement technology company based on optical techniques. The Principals of InterOptics LLC have over 30 years of experience in optical metrology systems, specializing in interferometric instrumentation and 3D metrology.

Chris Koliopoulos, Ph.D.

Dr. Koliopoulos is considered a leading expert in optical interferometric measurement systems. He has founded three optical metrology companies which were acquired by publicly-traded companies (valued together over $150M). As CEO, he led a merger of ADE Corporation, a semiconductor test equipment manufacturer, with KLA-Tencor, valued at nearly $500 million in a cash transaction. In early 2010, Dr. Koliopoulos was hired as CEO of Zygo Corporation; his leadership led to its profitability and eventual sale to Ametek for $365 million in cash. He has a keen understanding of all aspects of a technology business, from operations to product development and marketing, from manufacturing to sales and customer service.

Klaus Freischlad, Ph.D.

As optical systems engineer Klaus Freischlad was, over the last 30 years, the technical lead in the design and development of numerous instruments for optical metrology. The applications of these products include the topography measurements of optical lenses, semiconductor wafers, magnetic storage disks, and microscopic surface features in a variety of industries. With degrees in Physics and Optical Sciences, he worked at renowned optical companies Carl Zeiss, ADE Phase Shift, and Zygo. In 2007 he was co-founder of a Tucson startup company, Zemetrics, Inc., in optical interferometric metrology. Dr. Klaus Freischlad holds 13 patents in optical metrology technology.

Matt Boston

Mr. Boston is a well-rounded expert in manufacturing technology and related engineering and operations, with 15 years of industrial experience in manufacturing in various Boston, MA. area companies prior to moving to Arizona. He has worked with both Klaus Freischlad and Chris Koliopoulos since the early 1990's in Tucson in engineering and manufacturing optical metrology instrumentation in the various successful organizations noted previously. A co-founder of Zemetrics, Inc., an optical metrology company specializing in high-precision microscopy, Zemetrics was acquired by Zygo Corporation in 2010.